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At Wealth Analytics our goal is to help you create the most enjoyable stage of your life’s journey.

How? We’re fee-only financial advisors who provide you with a range of financial planning and investment management services:

Retirement Planning

We specialize in helping people who have worked hard all their lives transition to retirement. Are you financially ready for a life where work is optional? What kind of lifestyle can you afford, and how can you make the most of your hard-won nest egg?

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Planning Retirement Includes:

  • Building a model of expected expenses and income in retirement
  • Coordinating all of the client’s financial resources, including but not limited to investments, pensions, 401k retirement plans, IRA’s, and savings accounts
  • Determining a sustainable rate of withdrawal from the entire portfolio of investments and meeting IRA required minimum distributions
  • Evaluating strategies for taking Social Security
  • Analyzing the need for long-term care insurance
  • Monitoring and updating the plan as needed
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It would be nice to have a plan in place that fits our own life vision and desires — a vision that marries making money with doing what we love and inspires in us more hope than dread.

Mitch Anthony - Author of The New Retirementality

Investment Management

Developing an effective and safe retirement strategy is more complicated than most people realize. It requires customized tax management and an asset allocation process designed to create a regular, sustainable monthly paycheck from your portfolio. There is no simple formula that fits every person.

The critical question retirement investors need to ask is:

What is the best strategy for withdrawing money from my nest egg?

Building a safe investment strategy requires that we consider the following elements:

  • Determining a sustainable beginning rate of withdrawal (such as 4%)
  • Adjusting income upwards as the cost of living increases over the years
  • Establishing (and replenishing) a cash account that may contain up to five years’ worth of living expenses
  • Coordinating withdrawals from all accounts
    (taxable and tax-deferred)
  • Determining a plan for rebalancing
  • Tracking the cumulative overall performance of the portfolio as well as year-by-year spending.

Our process emphasizes low-cost investment vehicles and wide diversification over multiple asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities, inflation-indexed treasuries, exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) and real estate. Accounts are typically rebalanced on an annual basis. We do not use any investing products that have commissions, loads or hidden charges. We do not sell annuities or structured products.

We provide investment management services on a fiduciary, fee-for-service basis. Jane Bryant Quinn, a nationally known commentator on personal finance, with books and columns read and trusted by millions states the following: “The best way to protect yourself from commission-driven sales is to switch to a fee-only investment adviser. Fee-Only, financial planning advisers sell no products and take no commissions, they charge only for their advice.”

Finding The Right Financial Advisors

Unfortunately, finding expert advice can be challenging. Wall Street institutions spend millions of dollars to convince you that their brokers can help you navigate retirement successfully. We strongly suggest that you work with an investment consultant that is held to a fiduciary standard of investment advice, as we are. We believe it is important to understand the difference between a fiduciary advisor and a financial planning, cloaked, sales agent who provides advice in hopes of selling you variable annuities, high-cost investment management or other expensive diversions from your pocket to their bonus pools.

Finding an advisor who can provide retirement planning services tailored to your needs and priorities may be the most important financial decision you will ever make. If you are retired or nearing retirement, let me personally invite you to contact Wealth Analytics for a free retirement readiness consultation to discuss your options.

Click here to schedule your FREE retirement readiness evaluation

The Traditional Large Nest-Egg Strategy:

In this strategy, the client builds a very large pool of savings – usually several million dollars – and then retires completely. This is the traditional strategy that has been encouraged by the majority of large financial service companies. Obviously, this strategy results in building a very large investment account that can be managed by the companies that promote this strategy. However, there is a very significant downside to this strategy: it often puts great pressure on individuals to work at high-pressure jobs that they do not enjoy. In addition, people often find complete retirement to be a disappointing experience. They discover that they need something challenging to do in their retirement!

The Multiple Retirements Strategy:

In this strategy, the client may enjoy several retirements. The person may “retire” at age 55, age 65 and age 70. This strategy is built on the premise that adults find great personal satisfaction in doing work they feel is important. And, for many people, their ability to work efficiently and productively increases with age. They become better and better at matching their talents and experience with their work. This strategy has a very significant positive impact on long-term financial planning for retirement. Even small amounts of income from part-time work later in life can significantly extend the life of the investments that need to be drawn down during complete retirement.

Psychologists who work with retirees tell us that many people are surprised by the emotional and psychological challenges they face during retirement. During the first two years of retirement, it’s not uncommon for retirees to become disappointed and to suffer from a mild form of depression. Some people discover that they face a loss of self-esteem during retirement because they no longer have an important position at work. Others find that they have too much free time on their hands and they become bored and restless. Marriages sometimes come under stress because the newly retired spouse now spends too much time at home. As one wife was heard to remark about her husband, “I married him for better or worse, but not every day for lunch.” Understanding how you will spend your time in retirement is as important as how you will spend your money.

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