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At Wealth Analytics, we help people reinvent retirement on their terms. Of course this includes the numbers. As you prepare for retirement, you face a complex set of money and wealth management issues: tracking income and expenses, coordinating withdrawals from all resources, investing safely, and developing a strategy to make sure the money lasts.

But reinventing retirement is about more than the numbers. It’s about creating an amazing life, a life you’re passionate about, where your daily activities are fun, enriching and satisfying, where you finally have time for family, recreation and health.

Wealth Analytics is a fee-only, independently owned firm of financial advisors that provides you with professional financial analysis and advice with a bigger goal in mind: helping you redesign your life for the better. As fiduciary advisors, we are not affiliated with a brokerage firm, bank or an insurance company. We do not sell investment or insurance products.

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Reinventing Retirement On Your Terms℠

Once you have established a sense of financial stability it’s time to ask: what is the money for? Are you spending your money (and time) doing what is most important to you?

Because we are living longer and staying active longer, the very definition of how to retire is evolving. If you’re not sure what to expect in retirement, you’re not alone. Experts are talking about a fundamental shift taking place in the way people think about retirement, a great experiment in stress-free, obligation-free lifestyles that are being invented by millions of people around the world.

We’d like to help you join them. If you’d like a retirement readiness evaluation, then we invite you to make an appointment, and start reinventing your own retirement.

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You'll never be happy just amusing yourself...Even in retirement, even when you're only looking to get off the fast track and 'smell the roses' you should be pushing past what you merely enjoy into what has real meaning to you. When something really matters to you, you just bring it into your life.

Barbara Sher - Author of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was
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