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Tax Planning

Let’s Take A Look At The Bigger Tax Planning Picture.

Most people seek the help of an accountant. We’re able to work right alongside you, and your CPA to minimize your tax liability by looking at the full picture.

At Wealth Analytics, our goal is to minimize the taxes you pay over the course of your entire life. As financial advisors, we take a much more macro approach to tax planning. Our strategy is based on current incomes as well as future ones. This wider time frame allows us to see savings in the long-run, and create a plan that’s adaptable to life’s changing circumstances.

Answering Retirement’s Taxing Questions

It can be overwhelming to try and tackle taxes yourself and CPAs are trained to minimize taxes in a given fiscal year. But this is only a short-term solution to a much larger and longer problem. There’s deductions, dependents, IRS restrictions, different account types, employment status, and so much more to think through.

We regularly work with clients to answer their biggest tax questions. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • When should I begin Social Security?
  • What account(s) should I be taking my distributions from each year?
  • How do I best reduce my taxes during RMD years?
  • Is a Roth Conversion right for me?
  • Are tax free muni bonds a good fit?
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Putting A Plan In Place

Our long-term planning process analyzes your taxes from multiple angles. Together we’re able to guide you through tax-efficient ways to save, invest, and withdraw for a successful retirement. Additionally, we’re simultaneously able to make sure you’re building a legacy that lasts. The ways we do this include, but are not limited to:

  • Leveraging Deffered Accounts: Whether you’re saving for retirement, medical costs, or a child’s college fund, there are deferred accounts designed to get you there faster. It’s paramount to leverage their benefits as soon as possible
  • Optimizing Distributions: When it comes time to make withdrawals from your accounts, there are tax considerations to review. We help clients understand the difference between capital gains and ordinary income taxes to create tax efficient retirement strategies
  • Securing Your Estate: No one wants to see the fruits of their labor go back to the government. But if your estate isn’t structured properly, your legacy and what you leave behind will be subject to otherwise avoidable and expensive processes, including probate and taxes.


wisely from your accounts.


what you’ve worked to build.


savings and investments in deferred accounts .


with best-fit CPAs.


your tax-liability over your entire life.


the full range of tax complexities.

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