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Short pier at sunset, representing short-term investments

The Two Pros & Two Cons of Short-Term Investments

Given current market valuations and the pending interest rate movement, many investors are drawn to short-term investments. Fortunately for those looking to invest for the short-term, there are multiple options available. What is a Short-Term Investment?Table of Contents1 What is a Short-Term Investment?2 Advantages...

Investing in cryptocurrency

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Has Become Too Big to IgnoreTable of Contents1 Cryptocurrency Has Become Too Big to Ignore2 What is Cryptocurrency?3 What is Bitcoin?4 Cryptocurrency and the Stock Markets5 Bull and Bearish Arguments for Crypto Cryptocurrency has recently become one of the most popular and interesting...

Bear and Bull Markets

Winners Don’t Quit

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on, after others let go.” – William Feather Winners don’t quit the stock market. Period. Investors always win over the long term. It’s quite easy to see in the chart, History of  U.S. Bear and...


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