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2023 Month-by-Month Financial Checklist

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Ready to start the new year focusing on your financial well-being? Here’s a simple month-by-month list to get you started and keep you on track for 2023.

January – Draft a budget. Review last year’s expenses and see where you can improve for the new year.

February – Organize for tax time. Start now and be better prepared for your tax filing in April.

March – Automate your investments. Create a goal and set up an automatic investment plan to make investing easy and repeatable.

April – Review your debt. Prioritize your loans. Consolidate them or create a schedule to pay down debt quicker.

May – Educate yourself. Find two books or podcasts to read or listen to this summer. For a free copy of our book click here.

June – Check your budget. Are you staying on track? If not, prioritize your spending more carefully for the remainder of the year.

July – Rebalance your portfolio. Check your stock, bond and cash allocation and sell/buy to get back to your target risk portfolio.

August – Review your insurance. Check your deductibles on home and auto, as well as review any life insurance policies in place.

September Charitable contributions. Are you making them from your IRA’s RMD, gifting stock, or just writing checks? Research the best ways to give to charities this year.

October – Review your passwords. Once a year, take the time to change passwords and update usernames for cybersecurity protection.

November – Update your estate plan. Has it been over three years since your trust was reviewed? Laws change and lives change. Also, double check your beneficiaries on each of your accounts.

December – Prioritize your retirement. Review your financial plan. How much did you withdraw for the year from IRAs and brokerage accounts? If you’re still working, how much did you save and will it be enough? Find a fiduciary, fee only registered investment advisor to help summarize your goals and stay on track.

Focusing on these financial topics, one month at a time, is a simple way to increase your financial wellbeing and make important adjustments needed to live an amazing life.

If you are seeking professional help, Wealth Analytics is a fiduciary financial advisor team that helps you create a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy for a meaningful and secure retirement. Schedule a complimentary meeting.


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