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It is important to understand your cash flow; you want to know where your money is going. For the purposes of financial planning, categorize expenses into boxes A, B, and C. This process serves as a tool to help manage spending and saving patterns.

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Box A

Box A contains necessary expenses such as:

    • Groceries
    • Mortgage
    • Transportation
    • Utilities, etc.

The more expenses you allocate to this box, the less money you will have for the other two boxes.

For those enjoying sunny Southern California, Box A can take up a large part of a family’s budget. This is because the Golden State has a high cost of living. The desire live in a safe neighborhood, with good schools, can further exaggerate the cost of these monthly expenses.

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Box B

It is important that you enjoy your life. That is why Box B is meant to account for your entertainment. These are recreational activities that you enjoy such as travel, hobbies, clubs, etc. Box B plays an important part in The Two Rules of Retirement.


Box C

You have medium- and long-term goals. In Box C, allocate assets that will help you reach those longer term goals, such as retirement security, college tuition, weddings, new vehicles, etc.

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We are of the belief that high quality lives are often secured in Box B and Box C. Many people will over extend themselves in Box A. Consequently, they have little money left over to enjoy their life journey. Take a step back to conceptualize how you are spending your money. Examining spending through the paradigm of the three boxes may alter one’s approach to spending.

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